Pass Plus


Having passed the Practical Driving Test you will be ready to move on and expand your knowledge and on road experience.

Following the official Pass Plus syllabus will give you practical on road experience combined with comprehensive theory tuition with regard to many on road situations you will experience during your lifetime of driving.

Pass plus is a short course (a minimum of 6 hours) designed for new drivers to gain safe experience of advanced and motorway driving. It must be taken within the first year of passing the practical test. The course is usually conducted in 2 x 3 hour sessions but this may be changed to1 x 6 hour day if preferred. Lessons include one or more of the following modules.

There is NO test at the end of the course. The instructor will complete a training report and once this is sent to the DSA, the candidate will then be issued with a certificate.

Martyn’s School of Motoring strongly endorse the Pass Plus Scheme and recommend it to all it’s pupils. The benefits are:

  • Discounts of up to 50% on car insurance

  • Development of existing driving skills

  • Experience of motorway driving

Elements of Pass Plus

Town Driving

Night Driving

Out of Town Driving

Motorway Driving

All Weather Driving

Dual Carriageway Driving