Learning to drive and choosing a driving school is a very important decision, hopefully most of the questions you have are listed and answered below. If not please feel free to contact me.

Frequently asked questions

Can I start driving before I receive my provisional driving license?

No, you must wait until you receive your license.

Do I have to pass my theory test before I start my driving lessons?

No. It is often better to learn the theory whilst you are learning the practical, as it makes it easier to understand and remember. I will also be able to help you by answering queries you may have on the theory and by lending you books, CD's and videos to help you with your studies.

Can my friends or family take me out in their cars to practice driving in between my lessons?

Yes. Practice with friends or relatives often helps but they must be over 21 and have held a license for 3 years or more.

How will I know when I am ready for my test?

Your Instructor will guide you. The current test waiting time will also be taken into account when booking your test. We will provide you with a training record, which we update each lesson so that you can monitor your progress.

Will my instructor be patient?

Yes. We are there to help make you a safe and competent driver in a friendly and pleasant environment.

What test centres do you use?

My normal centre is Buxton or Sutton-in- Ashfield but I will be happy to use a centre of your own choice.

How long will it take to learn?

Most people take about 40 hours tuition plus plenty of home practice but this can vary depending on each individual.